Guttenberg Arts was pleased to present “Women in Print,” a panel exploring the impact of women in printmaking, on April 22 at the International Print Center New York. This panel brings together female artists, printmakers, museum curators and directors/founders of historic and influential print shops that have shaped an under-recognized but crucial medium in the art world and prompted new dialogue on the impact of Women in Print today.

The panel will depart from traditional conversations surrounding the history of women in printmaking, positioning women at the center of a dynamic and growing field. The speakers will address how the overwhelming global growth in the value of contemporary prints and print shops owe their success to the communities of women who support them. By discussing topics such as the social and technological transformations that inherently call gender into question within printmaking, we can look more deeply into rewriting women into the history of technology. The panel will also address the growing cultural and financial force of woman run print shops and institutional departments and their impact; as well as the woman-driven growth of highly experimental print projects that are rebelling against traditional notions of the printmaking craft.

“Women in Print,” presented by Guttenberg Arts, took place on
Wednesday April 22, 2015 from 6-8pm. Generously hosted by International Print Center New York with support provided in part by POWarts, the Professional Organization for Women in the Arts.


Rocio Aranda-Alvarado: Curator, EL Museo del Barrio

Judith Brodsky: Artist, Distinguished Professor Emerita, Department of Visual Arts, Rutgers University and Founding Director of the Brodsky Center

Jennifer Farrell: Associate Curator, Department of Drawings and Prints, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dusica Kirjakovic: Executive Director, Lower East Side Printshop

Kristen Schiele: Artist, KAYROCK printing

Danielle Tegeder: Artist, Associate Professor of Art, CUNY at Lehman College

Moderator; Caitlin Masley-Charlet: Artist, Deputy Director, Guttenberg Arts

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