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HP Indigo 7800 at Sunrise – continued leadership in Chicago’s digital printing market.

How does it work?
Like all the Indigo machines it uses HP’s ElectroInk liquid toner technology. All toner-based machines use lasers to write the image. The key difference is that the colorants are suspended in liquid rather than as a dry powder, which means the resulting prints look more like those produced by conventional inks.

How does it differ from previous models?
Inside the 7800 are a host of new features cutting-edge technologies. Customers had been asking for to improve quality, productivity and application range. The Indigo 7800 gets an on-press inline spectrophotometer, Automatic Alert Agent quality control system, and Indigo’s legendary One-Shop printing option.

One-Shot = Unbeatable print quality and perfect registration on synthetic substrates
“In one-shot mode all the colors are assembled on the blanket and then transferred to the substrate in ‘one shot’,” says product manager Raúl Mambrilla. “There are three advantages: for heat-sensitive materials it prevents registration issues, on delicate material it reduces the chance of scratches and for photo applications it ensure extremely tight registration for the highest quality and sharpness.”

Superb accuracy and consistency
Sunrise uses the Indigo 7800’s inline spectrophotometer to carry out a number of qualify functions. As it’s in the press it can automatically create a substrate profile for a new stocks, which can then be shared other Indigos in the shop. The spectrophotometer continuously monitors the press output and makes on-the-fly adjustments to the laser imaging unit to ensure color is consistent through out the entire run.

Automatic Alert Agent (AAA)
AAA helps Sunrise maintain job quality by scanning every printed sheet and compares it to a stored “master”, then either makes automatic adjustments as needed, or alert the press operator with any quality concerns. As a results, output quality gets a boost and customers can rest assured that every copy is as good as the original.

Since 1987, Sunrise has been a leader in Chicago’s graphic industry, bringing the latest technology to market. The Indigo 7800 with One-Shot is another example of this trend. The Indigo 7800 is as happy churning out volume work flat-out on standard stock as it is producing added-value work using the range of special colors and printing effects on challenging textured, synthetic and metallic substrates. Combined with its in-house die-cutting, laser cutting, UV coating, and large format color printing, Sunrise continues to provide practical, out-of-the-box print solutions.

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