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Laura Duffy has been a book cover designer for print book and ebooks for many years. For over 15 years she worked at Crown Publishers where she created and executed over 40 book jackets and book cover designs a year. As a freelancer she works with authors and publishers.
With the growth of authors self publishing print and ebooks on Amazon and other companies there are more people in need of book cover designs than ever. Having a book cover designed by an experienced professional will help a book have an appealing and clear identity.

Here is what she writes about herself:

In addition to specializing in book cover design, I offer logo design, web production and design, business collateral and marketing material.

Over 16 years of working in the world of publishing as a book cover designer has given me the experience and portfolio that I now bring to my clients who are realizing that a strong, professional book cover design is crucial for the success of their books. As an Art Director, I help navigate the process of book cover design from initial concept to final printing. This includes working with other creatives, such as illustrators and photographers.

As the many reviews I have attest to, in addition to being a superb book cover designer, I offer professionalism, patience, and the knowledge of positioning, that my clients are in need of, and have built wonderful relationships.

Additionally I have extensive knowledge of print production including PDF workflow, photo research, photo manipulation and retouching, and have a great deal of experience organizing and coordinating photo shoots.

Specific book cover design projects I’d like to brag about: Barack Obama, Mindy Kaling, Deepak Chopra, Judge Judy, Ryan O’Neal, Tim Ferris, Condoleeza Rice, Patti LuPone, Jean Auel, Carol Burnett, Jillian Michaels, Joe McGinniss, Suzanne Somers, Alice Hoffman, Chris Bohjalian, Bryan Batt

Her clients include:
Amenity Services, Seattle, WA; Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, Brooklyn, NY; Brown Books, Austin, TX; Dow Fletcher, Seattle, WA; Koniges Systems Programming, Seattle, WA; Rhinebeck Inn, Rhinebeck, NY; Guillford Press, NY; Hyperion Publishers, NY; Oxford Press, NY

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